Balmoral Badminton Club

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Home Club Champs 2017 Singles Signup Form

Singles Club Champs - Signup Form

The 2017 Singles Club Champs will be run on the following dates:

  • 1 Oct - A/C Grade Mens & Ladies
  • 8 Oct - B/D Grade Mens & Ladies

The tournament will start at 10am - if you are not ready to play by then your entry will be forfeited!

You may enter your own grade, plus one higher grade. Your own grade is defined as your Interclub grade if you are a Full member. We reserve the right to regrade entries to ensure the tournament is fair and entries are balanced. Please fill in one form per grade entered.

We will structure the games according to the number of entries to try to enable you to each play as many games as possible.

We intend to finish the games for each section on the day - thus you must be present for the entire session. If games need to be deferred to a later session then this will be done by mutual agreement with all players. If a single player leaves early without agreement on when their games will be deferred to, then their entry will be cancelled.

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