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Information for Participants

Interclub is played at the ABA Badminton Hall, Gillies Avenue, Newmarket. Start time is 7:00pm, please be prompt otherwise your team may have to default. Note that the rules around default have now changed and are now much more strict:

  • - By 7.30pm the first game on the scoresheet must have started. If players have not arrived, or the opposing team does not agree to re-arrange the games to suit players present then this first game will be defaulted in favour of the opposing team
  • - By 7.45pm the second game on the scoresheet must have started, again unless by agreement with the other team this game will also be defaulted
  • - If no games are started by 8pm then all will be defaulted, and the team will become liable for a default fee

There are a few important points in the rules that you should be aware of:

  • Reserve players must always be graded below the player that they are reserving for. So you must ensure that somebody playing in your place is graded below you
  • If a reserve plays up a grade more than 3 nights, then they are automatically graded at the higher level and may no longer play in their original grade for the rest of the season
  • Players must play in the order they are in their team - this order must not be changed under any circumstances.

When ranking team members we must follow the ABA grading guidelines. This is particularly relevant for players who also play in the div/masters/vets competitions - the grade you are placed in is restricted by the div/masters/vets team you are playing in.

If you require additional information please contact your team captain or use the Contact Us form to get in touch.