Balmoral Badminton Club

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Junior Fees

Note that due to changes at Auckland Badminton, our fee structure has been changed and simplified to remove the previous distinction between full and social members. Now all members will be full members of Auckland Badminton, and be entitled to enter competitions, play Interclub etc.

The fee must be paid in full within 3 weeks of joining the club.

Standard $135

This allows you to play at all Balmoral Badminton Junior club sessions at no further charge.

This also entitles you to play in interclub and other tournaments that require a regional affiliation. There is an additional per-night or per-tournament fee for these events - refer to the notes below.

Half year $90

This is for individuals who only wish to play for half a year. The year being split in two parts 1-February to 30-June and 01-July to 31-October. You have the same rights as a standard member but for part of the year.


 * Interclub fees - a membership entitles you to enter the Interclub competition, however there will be an additional per-night charge. This is billed at the start of the Interclub season, and must be paid within 3 weeks of the season starting. The fee for the season is yet to be determined.

Half year rate - note that the half year rate also entitles you to play on the Junior club play days at the beginning of the following year. We cannot accept new members until the fees have been set for the new season, which normally happens around 1 month after the season has begun.

ABA Gillies Ave lighting cards - Club members are entitled to discount rates on court hire at the Gillies Ave courts. The ABA has different discount rates depending on your membership level, the rates are on the ABA website here. As we only submit membership updates to ABA periodically, if when requesting the discount rate you are told that you aren't on their club list, please contact the club to get your information updated.

Should you have any other queries please contact us.

The Club Season runs approximately February to October each calendar year. Summer competitions are available through the ABA.