Club Champs

The Mixed Doubles Club Champs will run on 1 August (B/D Grade) and 8 August (A/C Grade). This is the reverse of the order we normally play the grades in – this time we’ll be playing the B/D grade first and then A/C grade.

To register fill in the form below! Club Champs are a great way to improve your skill with more competitive games, and we’ll be using the results from the champs to update our grading. Note that as we have fewer woman in the club than men we may not be able to find a partner for everyone – so best to find a partner to enter with and register as a pair!

You can enter your grade, and one grade higher. If you and your partner are not in the same grade you will be entered into the grade of the higher graded partner. The letter grades map to your CourtXBadminton grade as follows:

  • A = 80
  • B = 60/70
  • C = 40/50
  • D = 10/20/30