2014 Club Champs Results

The results for the 2014 Club Champs were as follows:

GradeSectionWinnerRunner(s) Up
AMens SinglesSunil DJesse S
Womens SinglesRebecca JEve T
Mens DoublesJesse S & Sunil DAlauddin K & Berin H
Womens DoublesEve T & Rebecca JLee Ann S & Louisa Y
Mixed DoublesRebecca J & Sunil DEve T & Jesse S
BMens SinglesBrett LSid H
Womens SinglesLouisa YLee Ann S
Mens DoublesFrolian J & Mark PArt D & Mark D
Womens DoublesLee Ann S & Louisa YLeilani G & Sophie F
Mixed DoublesRaewyn H & Dave RLousia Y & Alauddin K
CMens SinglesBrett LMark D
Womens SinglesLouisa YLeilani G
Mens DoublesFroilan J & Mark PArt D & Mark D
Womens DoublesMinerva J & Jayme TJo B & Raewyn H
Mixed DoublesJayme T & Eugene PRaewyn H & Dave R
DMens SinglesAnthony MPeter C
Womens SinglesAmy NAlice S
Mens DoublesHenry L & Peter CFrank Z & Ely D
Womens DoublesGrace C & Ula WAmy N & Sarita L
Mixed DoublesUla W & Warrick EJenny W & Michael K

Handicap Doubles 2014

The results for the 2014 Handicap Doubles tournament were as follows:

SectionWinnerRunner(s) Up
Mens DoublesAlauddin K & Frank ZKeewui L & Berin H
Womens DoublesRaewyn H & Jo BLeilani G & Fang