2018 Club Champs Results

The results for the 2018 Club Champs were as follows:

GradeSectionWinnerRunner(s) Up
AMens DoublesKuang G & Dennis YJerry L & Lionel N
Womens DoublesEve T & Annie CNandini G & Amrutha M
Mixed DoublesIan Z & Annie CLionel N & Tiara C
Mens SinglesDennis YSid H
Womens SinglesTiara CNandini G
BMens DoublesYC N & Kuang GAnimesh P & Victor L
Womens DoublesNandini G & Amrutha MAnnie C & Amy N
Mixed DoublesJerry L & Raewyn HSid H & Andrea B
Mens SinglesIan ZJana M
Womens SinglesTiara CNandini G
CMens DoublesOliver Y & Bo WAndy L & Matt B
Womens DoublesRaewyn H & Sarone TDawn A & Angele R
Mixed DoublesAnkur S & Junli TSubra N & Yvonne H
Mens SinglesRaj RDave R
Womens SinglesIrene ZRaewyn H
DMens DoublesMoses H & Gary LHenry F & Raj D
Womens DoublesCatherine L & Benna RCandy C & Bhavna T
Mixed DoublesMax Y & Jean WMoses H & Catherine L
Mens SinglesMoses HHenry F
Womens SinglesCatherine LBenna R

Handicap Doubles 2018

Jo Bell Memorial Tournament

The results for the 2018 Jo Bell Memorial Handicap Doubles tournament were as follows:

SectionWinnerRunner(s) Up
Mens DoublesAjai S & Frank ZVictor L & Jason J
Womens DoublesEve T & Andrea BManami K & Roshni R