CourtXBadminton Registration

We are now using an online system called CourtXBadminton to run our games during our social play sessions. One of the features of this new system is that members are able to check themselves in and out during a session by scanning a unique QR code displayed on the electronic whiteboard screen. Registered members who are checked in can also see their next game on their phones. To register you need a phone capable of scanning QR codes and your CourtXBadminton barcode id – please contact us to obtain this. Do not try to register without this id!

To register follow these steps:

Open a browser and navigate to

  • From the menu, select Register
  • Enter your details and password, then click the Register button.  You should receive an email with a link to confirm your account.
  • Make sure you use a password that you don’t use elsewhere for this!

Join Balmoral Badminton Club

  • Once registration is complete, log into the application with your email and password.
  • Click on the My Club button to join the Balmoral Badminton Club

  • Click Join a New Club
  • Select BBC (not BBBC!) and click either the Join as an existing member button

  • Enter your Barcode ID, first and last name, then click Save. You need to contact us to get your barcode id, do not proceed without this!
  • Ensure you check your Barcode ID – if this isn’t entered correctly you won’t be able to check in!
  • You should now be able to go to My Club, click My Profile to view your status.

Checking in and out

  • Use WeChat or another QR Code scanner application to scan the QR Code on the club board.  A successful scan will automatically check you in.

  • You should see this confirmation after a successful check in.

  • Go to My Club -> My Board to view your status and current game allocation. You can click on your name to check in or check out.
  • Click My Available Rounds to modify your availability.

You can also see how many players are checked into a session and thus how busy it is – from the main ‘My Club’ page select ‘BBC’ and in the next screen you can see how many players are present at the current session: