Current Status

NZ is now at the Orange level of the Traffic light system, which means our social play sessions are on but with some limitations.

Are the Social Play Sessions happening?

At all settings of the Traffic light system our social play sessions will run, but with some limitations.

Can we play casually?

Under the Traffic Light framework you are be able to book courts for casual play at the Gillies Ave hall, please ensure that you read the full list of the conditions before making a booking using this link. The online court booking system is available here – current Balmoral members have access to special club rates. If you don’t have access to these rates please contact us and we can help get this resolved.

What are you doing to keep players safe?

The club and the Auckland Badminton Association (ABA) have implemented a number of measures to keep players safe. These include:

  • All Alert Levels
    • Please do not attend a club session within 1 week of returning from overseas
    • If you, or someone who is a close contact is awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test or has been instructed to self-isolate, DO NOT COME TO BADMINTON until a negative test result has been confirmed or until self-isolation has been completed
    • Auckland Badminton have a number of new rules for use of the hall. Please read this document BEFORE you come to club
    • Most importantly – if you are feeling even slightly unwell, DO NOT COME TO BADMINTON! Contact your doctor for advice and only return once you are sure you are well
    • To avoid crowding we may designate particular routes to enter/exit courts – please follow the directions of our volunteers
    • We encourage everyone to use CourtXBadminton to view their next game on your phone rather than crowding around the screen – see our setup guide for more info on this
    • Emergency exit doors in our facilities MUST remain closed
    • No handshakes after a match – a wave and thanks instead
    • Bring your own towel and additional hand sanitiser if you feel you need it
    • If you haven’t been playing for a few weeks, take it easy the first time you play! It’s easy to cause an injury by being too enthusiastic the first time you are back on court.
    • If you test positive within 48 hours of attending a club session, please contact us so that we can notify members who were present at the same session. All notifications of positive cases will be kept confidential
  • Traffic Light Framework:
    • Red:
      • Face masks are required at all times when at a club session, except when playing on court
      • Players only allowed in the hall
      • Player numbers are limited at all our sessions (60 – 66 on Sundays, 40 on Tuesdays and 36 on Fridays)
      • Changing rooms are closed – please come prepared to play and leave the hall afterwards
      • Water fountains may not be available so bring your own water bottle
      • Keep 1m away from all players as much as possible
      • Do not gather in groups when not on court, and stay in 1 place
      • There will be less seating available in the hall
    • Orange
      • Face masks are required at all times when at a club session, except when playing on court
      • Players and spectators are allowed in the hall
      • Changing rooms and water fountains are available
    • Green
      • Face masks are recommended when not on court

How about coaching and juniors?

Our Juniors sessions are currently running. At the red traffic light level we are unable to run our coaching sessions due to limited venue capacity.

What about the Club Champs and Interclub?

Some tournaments are running – please check the ABA website for details

What about Tournaments/Events?

Please refer to the ABA website for information. If you have further questions regarding this, please use the ‘Contact Us’ link to get in touch.

Where can I get more information regarding COVID-19?

These are the up to date resources from the government.

Guidance from SportNZ for sports clubs is here: