Terms and conditions

Please read the following important information before joining the club



This form must be filled in by the parent or legal guardian of the child joining the club as it forms part of your contract with us.

Kids, please ask your parents to do this.




Our club season runs from the beginning of February to the end of October each year. Your child’s membership only entitles them to play until the end of each season, regardless of when they joined during the year. They must re-join the club and pay a new membership fee at the beginning of each season. We generally allow returning members a grace period to re-join the club at the beginning of the season.



Your child’s membership with the club is not confirmed until you have paid the requested fee. If you wish to pay us by direct bank transfer please Contact us for details on how to do this.

You must pay your fees within 3 weeks of joining the club. If your fees have not been paid after 5 weeks, your child’s membership will be withdrawn.

Please note that as we pass on new memberships to the Auckland Badminton Association (ABA) soon after they are received, you will remain liable for any affiliation fee that we are charged by them, and any other costs associated with your membership, even if your child’s membership is withdrawn.



As part of the Signup process, we request some information from you. We take the privacy of our members seriously – this information is used only for the purpose of joining the club. Limited information may be shared with third parties for the purposes of affiliation, interclub, and other activities. Information is shared to these parties on the understanding that it is only used for intended purposes.


Club rules, and decisions of club representatives

By joining the club you agree that you and your child are bound by the rules of the club. These are set out in our constitution, and also in specific rules or guidelines for events such as interclub. You also agree that you and your child will be bound by any rulings or decisions of the club committee, and other club representatives such as interclub captains. If you are unhappy with any decisions made by a club representative you are welcome to use the Contact us page to discuss this.


Parent undertakings

  1. I understand that I may be called upon to assist with Junior Interclub and occasional club seasons
  2. I understand that to ensure the safety of my child/children, I must come into the court area when dropping them off and picking them up
  3. I understand that I am ultimately responsible for my child/childrens behaviour while attending the club and will assist if any difficulties arise


More information

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the club using the Contact us page before signing up to join.