Senior membership

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Benefits of being a member


We do the hard work for you

At our social play sessions we arrange the venue, lights and court hire, organise the games and provide shuttles. You just need to turn up and bring your own racket to play!


Free coaching

Register for free coaching run on Sunday mornings with an ex New Zealand champion who played at both Olympic and Commonwealth level. When you register you commit to a 4 week block of 1 hour coaching sessions. Groups are split into two levels, beginners and advanced.


Competitions and events

Every year Balmoral hosts club championships to find the best players of each event and grade. Occasionally we may also host other fun events like handicap tournaments or invite other clubs to join our club day.


Interclub and national tournaments

Only affiliated members are able to participate in interclub and national tournaments. By joining Balmoral badminton you are affiliating with Auckland Badminton Association. Interclub and other national tournments charge additional fees not covered by Balmoral badminton.


Discounted Gillies Ave court hire

Club members are entitled to discount rates on court hire at Gillies Ave. The Auckland Badminton Association (ABA) has different discount rates depending on your membership level. As we only submit membership updates to ABA periodically, you may be told that you are not on their club list when requesting the discount rate. Please Contact us to get your information updated.


Membership Types



Standard membership entitles you to play interclub for Balmoral, in Balmoral club championships, and at various national tournaments. This includes affiliation with Auckland Badminton Association. We have a half-year rate available for either the period Feb – Jun or Jul – Nov



Student members have the same rights as a standard member. Note that you must be a full time student and be able to provide ID.



Couple membership is for 2 standard members who live under the same roof as a couple (not family or flatmates). Two items of mail may be required from each partner with the same address required as proof.


Competition Only

This is for those individuals who wish to be fully affiliated with the ABA but do not wish to participate in club days. With this you are affiliated with the ABA and allowed to participate in interclub and various national tournaments. You can attend a up 3 club sessions during the year, after that you’ll need to start paying a visitor fee.



You can sign up to play either 2 or 3 sessions per week – with the exception of competition only members all members can play at our Sunday morning session, and then chose between either Tuesday or Friday evenings. Or you can opt for both at an additional cost. If you play at a session other than your selected one the cost will be $10 per visit.

Note that the Competition Only fee is $120 for the year.

 2 Sessions - Full Year2 Sessions - Half Year3 Sessions


Visitor fee refund

If you have visited us, paid the visitor fee, and become a member; we will refund the cost of up to 3 visits (that’s $45 off). You must present the receipts as proof that the fees were paid when you pay your membership fee.

Note that this does not apply to half year or competition only members.